Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Roasted Hot Peppers

This was a good year for peppers, and with the deer starting to wipe out everything in the garden, we've harvested all of the peppers, sweet and hot.  These peppers are Anaheims, not real hot, but hot enough for us.  (In the past we pickled Jalapenos and never ate them.)
For us, roasting peppers is a two day process; Jack grills them in the evening and lets them cool overnight.  Peppers should be grilled until the skin turns black and crispy.  Then put the peppers in a paper bag and fold over the top so the peppers are in a little steam bath.

When the peppers are cool, put on rubber gloves and strip the skins off with a sharp knife.  This is a messy job, but these peppers are so good on sandwiches all winter, you'll be glad you made them!!
Now pack the peppers in freezer jars: (straight sides, slightly wider at the top, because liquids EXPAND  as they freeze.) We put a little olive oil in the bottom of each jar, and drizzle a little more on top of the peppers once they're packed in there.  Probably not necessary to their keeping quality, but it gives them a nice consistency when thawed out, and after you eat the peppers, you can use the remaining oil in your salad dressing.

Put on the two part lids, label, and freeze. Be sure to leave 1/2 inch "head space" at the top of the jar to allow for expansion.

Here's a close-up of Jack stripping the skin off the pepper. 
I hesitated to post it here because I took this shot before he remembered to put on his gloves.

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